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Since we are the pioneer of beauty business in Japan, established in1925,we have successfully gathered the credit and reputation from customers all over the world. Our mission is the best quality service in total beauty for women who experienced the best already. From healthy food program to the thorough care of body and facial treatment, we have been credited by many prominent customers in the past; Japanese Royal Family, celebrities like Grace Kelly, Maria Callus, Maria Carey, Sandra Bullock as well as many other Japanese actress, and many more distinguished ladies.

Please understand our reservation desk has limited English ability. Yet we have great passion to do our best to make our non-Japanese customers feel comfortable and memorable in salon. We are deeply committed to your beauty and health!

We have beautifully packaged 10,000 yen gift certificates for your special occasions.
We can also customize our tickets for the menu you desire so that the price numbers will not appear on the surface of the certificates. A book of 100,000 yen ticket (10 of 10,000 yen tickets) has an extra bonus 10,000 ticket. (Its total value is 110,000 yen!!)
By using a credit card, we can send you the tickets. If you want to use our certificates for your company party prize or so, other free beauty goods can be added to cherish the event.

Tel. 03-3408-1613
open Everyday
9am to 6pm(Fri, close 9pm / Sat, close 8pm / Sun, close7pm)


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