Please understand our reservation desk has limited English ability. Yet we have great passion to do our best to make our non-Japanese customers feel comfortable and memorable in salon. We are deeply committed to your beauty and health!


Our Aromatherapy

We offer genuine cosmetic service than can answer every beauty need of our clients. Our philosophy is SKIN/BODY/MIND are closely intertwined and needed to be treated as a whole. We have been practicing our jobs in conformity to this health and beauty theory since 1925. We are proud to be the first beauty salon business in Japan. Our extensive research on treatment items with almost 90 year experience with top class customers makes your day special.


Japanese 100% natural aromatherapy body course
from a forest of World Heritage, Hida Takayama of Gifu.

We have almost 90 years' experience of beauty and Japanese natural essence. Our spa menu offers an opportunity to slip out of the daily routine and to take some moments just for you. Our exclusive Japanese 100% natural forest essence will offer a retreat away from the bustling city of Tokyo and take you to the mountain of Hida Takayama of Gifu pref. where a World Heritage of Shiragawa-go sits right by the forest. Only more than 5 years experienced professional esthetician will serve you in a private treatment room. Your Japanese tree aroma relaxing time can be found only at our salon in Japan.

From the refreshing scent of Japanese cypress (hinoki) to the exotic sweetness of Anise Magnolia (nioikobushi), our aromatherapy material is the pure essence of Japanese forests, distilled into 100% natural essential oils. The natural scent from the mountains are to help with concentrating on a busy day and to ease your mind and relax – the soothing scent is centered around that of Kuromoji, and has the effect of calming your senses. Best to try after a long day's work or when you need a little break. Our career oil for massage is also excusively taken from Sadogashima based Japanese rice bran. Japanese rice bran, also known as komenuka, is prized for its skin soothing enzymes and antioxidant properties. Rice also provides the foundation of the Japanese diet, thanks to its numerous benefits for the body.

*using 2 different luxury private rooms and a super hydro jet bath room
*Italian made day spa bed with a NASA selected mattress
with reducing pressure points technology
*original 100% organic Japanese barley with green tea juice for relaxing and refreshing
*our drinking selection is a Hawaii mineral water


Day Spa course/
abot 240 min/ ¥100,000. +tax

*welcome 100% organic barley with green tea essence relaxing juice
*introductory cleansing 5 min
*deep face cleaning 30 min
*legendary face massage 30 min
*enzyme facial treatment 15 min
*royal jelly spotting service
>>changing treatment room
*super hydro jet bath 15 min
*100% Japanese aroma body treatment 100min
*heat body wrapping 10 min
*purified water shower 10 min
*Gift/ Japanse aroma shampoo and body soap set for your home
you can choose either Kuromoji or Nioikobushi aroma.

Relaxing Body course/
about 150min/ ¥40,000. +tax

*welcome 100% organic barley with green tea essence relaxing juice
*super hydro jet bath 15 min
*100% Japanese aroma body treatment 80 min
*reflexology 20 min
*heat body wrapping 10 min
*purified water shower 10 min
*Gift/ Japanse aroma body soap for the night at home
you can choose either Kuromoji or Nioikobushi aroma.

Quick Body course/
about 70 min/ ¥20,000. +tax

*welcome 100% organic barley with green tea essence relaxing juice
*foot bath(keratin removal) 5 min
*100% Japanese aroma 1/2 body treatment 80 min
(you can choose upper or lower body)
*Gift/ Japanse aroma spray

*Kuromoji/ Scent: Crisp, yet floral, similar to rosewood; balancing effect on emotions.
*Nioikobushi/ Scent: Sweet and deeply floral; invigorating effect.


Using all-natural maple resin from Hollywood Beauty Salon’s original products, we provide you safe, clean and quick hair removal services.
Complete legs90min ¥18,000
Half legs(from knee to feet)60min ¥9,000
Arms (from shoulders to fingertips)90min ¥15,000
Arms (from elbows to fingertips)50min ¥8,000
Under arm30min ¥5,000
Bikini line60 min ¥10,000
Nape30min ¥6,000
Upper lip¥2,000
Lower lip¥1,000
  Please read carefully the following terms

A reservation is compulsory for any treatment or service

Please come to the Spa 10mn before the reserved time

Should you have any delay, please call at least 30mn before the reserved time, or we might not be able to provide the full program/treatment you reserved. Please note that in some cases, we may ask you to change the reservation time or date.

Should you wish to cancel or change a reservation, please contact the spa the previous day before 20:00 to avoid any cancellation fee. Otherwise, our cancellation policy is the following :
Cancellation at least 30mn before the reserved time : 30% of the scheduled treatment price
No cancellation or cancellation within 30mn of the reserved time : 100% of the scheduled treatment price

All programs/treatments require skin counseling beforehand and subsequently

Depending on skin and body conditions, some treatments may not apply. Should you have any allergies, sensitivity to certain components or particular deficiency please notify the therapist during counseling

You may store your valuables in the closet of your treatment room. Please keep the key with you at all times

The spa will not take any responsibility for any lost or stolen belongings in the salon

The program/treatment duration includes clothe changing and treatment. However please keep in mind that counseling is not included and will therefore be held just before the reserved time

Treatments and prices on this document may change without notice

Should you have questions or comments, please call the spa

All prices included VAT tax

English attendants on site